Big Data on the Farm

Our Motivation

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our surroundings advances and breakthroughs including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Can these Technological breakthroughs  influence the way we grow our Food especially for Risk Management of crop failures or unpredictable weather patterns? 

Can we use Technology to predict when to Plant, Spray, Harvest or the likelihood of crop failures or disease outbreaks? 

Is it possible to avoid Planting altogether because of the likelihood of a disease outbreak due to weather patterns?

How did we choose to invest in an Irrigation System 3 years before the current low rainfalls that would have ruined our business and made us fail to repay our mortgage and risk foreclosure?


Suppose we can, then Technology can enable CLIMATE SMART AGRICULTURE become a reality.

At Farm BOX we think its possible, thats why we are Big on DATA, using direct Field Intelligence, we seek  to improve farming outcomes, while supporting Climate Smart Agriculture.


About Us


An efficient and profitable farm enterprise built around Big data on the Farm. 


We seek to enhance agriculture through Big data, supporting commercial farmers and their out growers, enabling primary agriculture lending and efficient crop insurance pricing through access and use of data for effective decision making. 


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